By: Dr. Jeanne Marie Ciño-Martinez

Following a very successful convention last February, the Philippine Pediatric Dental Society, Inc launched it’s first scientific seminar for the year, last August 18, 2023 at the Santolan Plaza Cinema in San Juan City. It was a whole day event that had limited participants of up to one hundred fifty (150). Shortly after a month from the first time it was announced and promoted, the registration was closed and sold out despite of it having a “no-onsite” registration. The title of the seminar “Reliving the Past” shares a background where residents who underwent pediatric dentistry training had to present cases and journals, critiqued by a panel of consultants. It was presented in a similar light where seven lectures (clinical case presentations and research works) where shared by undeniably competent speakers, most of which were pediatric dentistry graduates and residents. A surprise appearance was also a sure delight to the participants as Dr. Noel Vallesteros had to pitch in for Dr. Patria Vargas-Muere who had to attend to a family emergency. Speakers were: Dr. Gianina Gamboa-Garcia, Dr. Charily Vertudez, Dr. Shayne Celajes, Dr. Larissa Ang-Lim, Dr. Patricia Grace Cruz, Dr. Beatriz Fermina Tiangco-De Leon. The success didn’t only come from esteemed lecturers, a blockbuster registration and nineteen (19) trade exhibitors but also from the fact that this seminar gave the participants a whopping seven (7) CPD credit units. PPDSI is very grateful to the following sponsors: R&R, Frontier dental products, SPMS, Rite Arm Trading, Dental System, Inc., PROS-APAC Corporation, GC, Medix, Pigeon, Ordent Trading Corp, BioGaia, Yong Marketing, TESCO, Pharmahex, Exceldent, Kids-e-Dental, Medicare Plus, JRLT Trading, and Trilanz. The next seminar is set to be launched on November 26, 2023.