Purpose and Objectives

The fulfillment of its expressed purpose shall be achieved by dedication to the following objectives:

  1. To symbolize excellence in the practice, education of and research in Pediatric Dentistry.
  2. To officially sponsor the Philippine Board of Pediatric Dentistry, and encourage qualified members to become Diplomates of the Board.
  3. To officially represent the specialty of Pediatric Dentistry when linkage (collaboration) is required with other dental organizations, allied health professions, government and private agencies concerned with the oral health of the public.
  4. To actively involve itself in the development and implementation of national programs of oral health for children.
  5. To foster the development and promulgation of sound tenets for pediatric dental procedures through study and research accompanied by constant critical evaluation and review.
  6. To actively participate in the development and delivery of programs of continuing education in the field of the Pediatric Dentistry for the PPDSI per se, and for the dental profession as a whole.
  7. To constantly strive to enhance the quality of undergraduate and graduate training in Pediatric Dentistry through its availability in a consultative capacity.
  8. To be ever alert to its responsibility to the public and the profession in the fulfillment of its obligation in the prevention and control of oral diseases.

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